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Welcome to Levin & Zeiger LLP

We are Pennsylvania Criminal Appeals Lawyers who continue to fight for our clients after conviction through the appeallate process defending the wrongly convicted to ensure fundamental fairness for our clients.

Simply put: just because you were found guilty or plead guilty, your case does not have to be over because you can appeal. Whether the person who was convicted is you, a family member, loved one, or close friend, the right to appeal a case to a higher court may exist.

The attorneys at the Center City Philadelphia law firm of Levin & Zeiger, LLP, can represent you or your loved one in both direct appeals to the Superior Court and Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, and in Post Conviction Relief Act (PCRA) appeals.

philadelphia criminal appeals

While we are located in Philadelphia, we have represented people in both and federal appellate courts throughout Pennsylvania.

If you need to appeal your criminal conviction, contact us now for a FREE CONSULTATION at (215) 825-5183, so that we can begin the process of your appeal.

Our Clients

philadelphia criminal appeals

Contact us now for a free consultation with a Pennsylvania Criminal Appeals Attorney and discuss your criminal appeal. Whether the prosecution is in Philadelphia, State College, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Reading, Scranton, Harrisburg, Erie or any community in Pennsylvania, we can help.

We file appeals throughout Pennsylvania for people who were convicted in the smallest counties to the largest metropolitan areas. Our attorneys defend people’s rights in Common Pleas Courts throughout Pennsylvania, the Superior Court of Pennsylvania, the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, and the Third Circuit Court of Appeals of the United States of America.

Whether your case is ripe for a direct appeal on you wish to file an appeal under the Post Conviction Relief Act (PCRA), our experienced lawyers are ready to help you and your family today.

Time after time we get phone calls and emails from people who are unhappy with the system, unhappy with the results of their trial, and unhappy with the way the system treated them through the trial and sentencing process.

Once prospective clients meet with us, they become our clients for years to come because we believe that justice is an essential human value, and we never stop fighting for our clients, even when other lawyers tell people to give up.